Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Greater Love - Now Available!

Attorney Kirby Shelton has met a lot of wackos in her life. But the computer software queen, Leah Dalton, takes the prize. Leah, facing a losing battle with cancer, comes to Kirby with a plan to end her life on her terms. Leah invites Kirby and five of her closest friends to her estate, and offers to make one of them a multi-millionaire. All they have to do is kill her and make it look like an accident. Just as disturbing to Kirby are her growing feelings toward Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Jonas.

Will one of Leah’s friends take her up on her offer? Will Kirby and Jonas’ love for one another survive the trials they face? Join Leah on an amazing journey that changes the lives of all those around her.

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  1. Huge Congrats, Anne/Kinzie!!!
    An awful lot of work, heart, and emotion went into this story. I loved it, and though it made me cry in spots, it was an inspirational story of love. So glad you shared it with me. It is definitely unforgettable and a must read.

  2. Thank you so much, Rebecca!
    This was a story that had to be told. One of those that the Lord places in your heart and then waits until you have the compassion and spiritual growth needed to write it.

    It was a difficult but beautiful journey. I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it, even if it does make them shed a tear or two.

  3. I'm certainly curious about how this one turns out. Congratulations on all of your writing success.